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Preliminary Analysis

If you have a good wind resource, a large electrical load and either high electric rates or a State Incentive Program then we will provide a Preliminary Analysis. This will provide an estimate of the economics of on-site wind generation and determine if a more detailed study is justified.

Sample Preliminary Analysis



Feasibility Study

We will visit the site and provide a Feasibility Study including:

  • Evaluate the site suitability
  • Review your electrical system
  • Analyze your electricity bills
  • Evaluate climatic conditions
  • Determine the optimal turbine location
  • Refine the wind assessment
  • Determine permitting requirements
  • Complete FAA, State Incentive and use permit applications
  • Determine the appropriate turbine model
  • Provide a comprehensive economic model

Financing Options

  • Simple Cash Purchase
  • Equipment Lease
  • Equipment owned and operated by a separate entity with electricity sold to the customer.

We provide advice and recommendations on applicable state, federal and other incentive programs as well as financing.